Privacy Policy

Last updated: April 5, 2021

A MediaJam is a bite-sized tutorial to tackle a media related problem using a specific framework or use-case. A MediaJam should help you, a software developer, to find a solution to a very specific problem using code samples to different tech stacks.

MediaJams website, operated by Cloudinary Ltd. (“we”, “our” or “us”), connects you with live code and experts to help solve media problems in popular tech stacks and use cases. This is our privacy policy, and it describes how we collect and process personal information related to you, as a visitor, registered user or author of our website, and the rights and options available to you.

Personal Information We Collect and Use

We receive and store any information you enter on our website or give us in any other way. Hence, we collect and use the following personal information related to you:

  • Traffic and online usage information that your online activities generate, which has a potential to be identifiable information, such as IP address, browser information, clicks, session duration, content viewing, content downloading, etc. related to you. We will collect such information from each of our website’s visitors, whether they have an account with us or not. For further information, please read the ‘Aggregated and Analytical Information’ section in this policy.
  • When you fill in the contact form on our website, you provide us with your name, email address and any additional information provided therein.
  • Identifiers -
  • Registered Users - If you sign up to our website, and become a registered user, we will collect your full name and email address, which we will use to create, activate and allow you to log-in to your account with us.

  • Authors - If you are or interested in being an author, we will collect your full name, email address, job description, your professional biography and additional information.

What Do We Do with Personal Information Related to You?

We use the personal information we collect and receive to provide our website’s content to you and to other users, to enable our website’s tools and features, to study and analyze the functionality of our website and your activities, to provide support, to measure our website activity, to maintain our website, to make it better and to continue developing it.

We will use your email address to contact you when necessary, to send you reminders and to provide you information and notices about our website. We will include commercial and marketing information about our website and related services and content.

We obey the law and expect you to do the same. If necessary, we will use your personal information to enforce our terms, policies and legal agreements, to comply with court orders and warrants, and assist law enforcement agencies, prevent fraud, misappropriation, infringements, identity thefts and any other misuse of our website, and to take any action in any legal dispute and proceeding.

We commit to process personal information solely for the purposes described in this policy.

How We Share Personal Information Related to You?

We do not sell, rent, lease, or otherwise provide personal information to third parties, except as provided bellow:

  • We will share personal information related to you with third party service providers to help us operate, manage and protect our website and operations. These service providers provide us with services such as analytics, mailing services, data storage, etc.
  • We will share personal information related to you with our affiliates such as subsidiaries and parent companies, with the express provision that their use of such information will comply with this policy.
  • We will disclose personal information related to you with or without notice (a) if required by a subpoena or other judicial or administrative order; (b) where required by law; or (c) at our sole discretion, where we deem it necessary to protect the safety of any individual, the general public, or to prevent violations of our, or of any third party’s rights.
  • A merger, acquisition or any other structural change will require us to transfer personal information related to you to another entity as part of the structural change.


You are not required by law to provide us with the personal information described above.

We provide you with the following choices for controlling personal information related to you:

  • At any time, you may opt out of our marketing mailing lists, or request that personal information related to you will not be shared with our affiliates or with our third-party service providers. It will take up to 10 business days for your opt-out request to take effect.
  • Upon termination of your account with us, in accordance with our Terms of Use, we will stop collecting any respective personal information from you or about you. Note that we may keep your details without using them if necessary, and for the necessary period of time, for legal requirements and proceedings. For further information, please read the ‘Data Retention’ section in this policy.

Please contact us at: to exercise your choices.

Accessing Personal Information Related to You

If you find that personal information related to you is inaccurate, incomplete or not up to date, please provide us with the necessary information to correct it.

At any time, you can contact us at: and request to access the personal information related to you that we keep. We will ask you to provide us with certain credentials to verify your identity, and to the extent required under applicable law, we will make good-faith efforts to locate the personal information that you request to access.

Data Retention

We retain personal information related to you for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes of using such personal information under this policy, and as permitted by law, or in accordance with our agreement with you as an author.

We will keep aggregated non-identifiable information without limitation, and to the extent reasonable, we will delete or de-identify potentially identifiable information when we no longer need to process the information in an identifiable form.

Transfer of Personal Information Outside Your Territory

We will store and process personal information in various sites throughout the globe.

If you are a resident in a jurisdiction where transfer of personal information related to you outside of your territory requires your consent, then you provide us with your freely given, expressed, specific and unambiguous consent for such transfer.

Aggregated and Analytical Information

We use standard analytics tools. The privacy practices of these tools are subject to their own privacy policies and they use their own cookies to provide their services (for further information about cookies, please read the ‘Cookies and Trackers’ section below).

For example, we use Mixpanel to learn about how you and others use our website, how we should improve your user experience and which improvements we should prioritize. We will use additional or other analytical tools from time to time.

We use anonymous, statistical or aggregated information and will share it with our partners for legitimate business purposes. It has no effect on your privacy, because there is no reasonable way to extract data from the aggregated information that we or others can associate specifically to you.

We will share your personal information only subject to the terms of this policy, or subject to your prior consent.

Cookies and Trackers

Cookies are small files that a web server sends to your device when you browse online. Your device removes session cookies when you close your browser session, but persistent cookies last for longer periods. You can view the expiry date of each cookie through your browser settings.

Every browser allows you to manage your cookies preferences. You can block or remove certain or all cookies through your browser settings. Please bear in mind that blocking or removing cookies may impact your user experience with our website.

Information Security

We maintain the confidentiality of personal information related to you and take reasonable steps to ensure that the information is accurate, complete, current and reliable for its intended use. We take reasonable measures to protect personal information related to you from loss, misuse and unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction.

We do not guarantee that our website is immune from cyberattacks, malicious activities, malfunctions, honest mistakes or other types of abuse and misuse of personal information.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, we will need to update this policy. If the updates have minor or no consequences, they will take effect 7 days after we post a notice on our website, or after we send you a notice through email. Substantial changes will take effect 30 days after we initially post or send our notice. If we need to adapt this policy to legal requirements, the new policy will become effective immediately or as required.

Until the new policy takes effect, you can choose not to accept it and terminate your account with us. Continuing to be a registered user or an author after the new policy takes effect means that you agree to the new policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns about the way that we process personal information related to you, please email us at:

We will review your query and make a good-faith effort to respond promptly.